About SRS

SRS provides reliable and credible certification and verification services.

SRS Objectives and Values

Our team strives to offer competent inspection and certification services that consumers can trust, that the environment will benefit from and that involved stakeholders can rely upon.

Our Mission:

  • Offer all our services with credibility, expertise, transparency, efficiency and fairness.
  • Integrate independence and impartiality in our procedures.
  • Always consider the standards we certify against and their intentions, i.e.:
    • To respect natural and environmental preconditions;
    • To allow for the development of organic farming;
    • To foster fair competition between producers through transparent procedures for certification;
    • To treat all clients equally;
    • To take into account consumers’ expectation of healthy food that is produced in an environmentally friendly manner.
  • While offering our service worldwide, respect each other’s cultural background, both within SRS, as well as with clients in different regions.
  • Offer our service without discrimination and charge fair prices.
  • Stand up against fraud.

In this regard our work shall contribute to the satisfaction of our client’s expectations.

SRS accreditation against ISO/IEC 17065:2012 confirms our competence, objectivity and impartiality.

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