SRS has a standard protocol for dealing with various types of complaint, including:

  • Complaints: queries about the compliance with the standard of SRS, SRS staff, or products of an operator certified by SRS;
  • Appeals: client disagreement with an SRS certification decision; and
  • Allegations: third party claim of non-compliant with applicable standards or state of being in breach of SRS policies or other contractual obligations with SRS made against an operator holding a certificate issued by SRS.

Any person wishing to turn in a complaint for the reasons mentioned above, is welcome to contact us thought this website, by sending an Email or give us a phone call.

You are requested to fill in the complaint form, sign it and send it to

Upon receipt of a complaint, it will be reviewed, and a decision will be made as to whether the complaint applies to SRS’ work. If it does not apply, the complaint will be rejected, if it does apply, it will be accepted. The complainant will be informed of this decision.

No confidential information may be given to the complainant, only to authorities, involved certification bodies or standard owners. In the case of complaints against NOP certified operations, the Program Manager must be informed. In the case of complaints which involve products imported into the EU, the member country’s authority will be involved.

A formal notice of the end of the complaint process to the complainant or appellant and if allowed, the outcome will be made.

SRS will take any subsequent action needed to resolve the complaint.

All complaints including corresponding actions taken by SRS are submitted to the quality management to improve our working.

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