Once a certification contract has been signed, the parties (the operator & SRS) have the following duties and rights:

SRS’ duties include:

  • verifying the compliance of the operator to standards chosen;
  • carrying out annual inspections and additional inspections, if applicable;
  • hiring competent and reliable inspectors;
  • responding to complaints; and
  • publishing and informing the operator about all changes in standards.

The operator’s duties include:

  • working in compliance with the standards chosen;
  • completing an operations description and providing additional information to SRS;
  • allowing inspections to take place;
  • providing the inspectors access to all locations and people involved in the operation at any time, as well as presenting required documents to the inspector;
  • informing SRS of any changes in the operation;
  • in cases of complaints or non-compliance findings, cooperating to solve these.

Both parties have the right to terminate the contract, should either party not fullfill their duties.

Further details regarding rights and duties are contained in the SRS Certification Contract, available upon request. Please email: info@srs-certification.com

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