Operators wishing to be certified must first fill out an application for certification. Once these have been reviewed by SRS, the client will receive feedback and the offer including a list of applicable fees.

Our fees are based on the cost of our services, such as:

  • Service to applicants including the Organic Project Description’s review;
  • Inspection, including additional unannounced inspection;
  • Decision making;
  • Certification incl. the issuing of certificates;
  • Special services, e.g. residue investigations, complaint handling, additional inspections, issuance of additional/ amended certificates incl. transaction certificates, training to clients.

In addition to the above listed service fees, the operator is responsible for covering the actual costs of:

  • Travel by inspectors incl. meals and accommodation;
  • Possible fees by standard owners.

By signing the contract, the operator agrees to the offer and will receive an invoice for the total estimated costs. These fees are to be paid in full within 14 days of receipt.

If the OPD or registration document review reveals that the operation cannot be certified as presented, and no inspection can be assigned, SRS will reimburse the paid amount, except application and OPD review fee.

For additional inspections and additional testing, the client will receive a notice with a cost estimate and the invoice which must be paid within 4 weeks. Additional inspections which follow major non-compliances, complaints or investigations are invoiced before the additional inspection and shall be paid at once.

Randomly selected unannounced additional inspections are free of charge.

If fees are changed or when changes occur on the operator’s side, a cost estimate for the annual renewal of certification will be sent to the operator. If no fee changes occur, payment orders will be sent out. The due time for payment will be indicated and enforced.

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